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Vitamin Intake to Treat Undereye Circles

Dark circles under eyes do not normally cause a serious illness. However, there is a growing cosmetic concern regarding this condition, as it makes one appear unhealthy and tired. Although deficiencies in vitamins do not really cause these dark circles to form under the eyes, increasing intake of vitamins A, B, C, and E can mitigate its appearance.

Little research is available to back up and support the overall effectiveness of available herbal and home remedies. Before starting with any treatment solutions regarding dark circles under the eyes, talk to your doctor first.

Common Causes

Lack of sleep, stress, sinus problems, hollows under the eyes that often increase with thin skin, loss of fats, exposure to the sun, skin pigmentation, eczema, heredity, and age can all contribute to the appearance of these dark undereye circles. While we can control other factors like fatigue, stress or sun exposure, the causes that are associated to skin aging are harder to manage.

Benefits of Vitamins

A deficiency in vitamins is not a normal cause for these dark circles, but if you increase your intake of vitamins A, E, C, and K, this could help in lessening their appearance. Take note that a deficiency in iron can give way to an unhealthy bluish looking tinge under the eyes; thus, an increase in iron intake can help in solving this problem.

Consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet that is high in nutrients but low in the amounts of processed food and fats while drinking sufficient amounts of fluid can keep the body balanced, which can improve in the overall appearance of the skin.

Common Solutions

Make use of common household items and make a cold compress while making use of damp teabags, or frozen peas which is wrapped in a washcloth in order to reduce swelling and irritation. Use a saline solution to rinse sinuses and fight off congestion. Make sure to get enough amounts of sleep in order to manage stress.

Use extra pillows under your head in order to aid fluids in draining from the dark circles under the eyes. Do not forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses in order to prevent the production of extra pigments in the skin. You can also experiment with concealers and creams which are available over the counter designed to address under eye circles.

Do away from products which contain glycolic or salicylic acids and scents because these can irritate eye tissues and can worsen the situation.

Vitamin Applications

Pumpkin is a great source of vitamins A, C, and K which can help in reducing the appearance of dark under eye circles. Slice some pumpkins and place them over the eye area for 15 to 30 minutes every day and look at the effects. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, soybeans, and kale are also excellent sources of vitamin K.

Orange vegetables and fruits like apricots and carrots are good dietary sources of vitamin A. Make sure that you eat cherries and oranges as these are rich in vitamin C. There are a few topical creams which contain vitamins and these may actually work for you; be aware, however, that very little evidence is available to support these creams and their effectiveness.

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