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Getting Rid of Dark Undereye Circles

There are so many causes for under eye dark circles. Medically, they are defined as uniform and round areas of dark pigmentation under the area of the eyes. These dark circles may be brought about by dehydration, allergies, stress, genetics, or premature skin aging especially the area under our eyes, considered as the thinnest skin.

According to the May Clinic, engaging in a healthy lifestyle, getting regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a balanced and nutritious diet are just a few of the ways to avoid having dark under eye circles.

Dry skin under the eyes may bring about the formation of wrinkles and discomfort. While there are various commercial moisturizers for the eyes that are widely available, the ingredients and chemicals which are used in these goods may be the cause of skin redness and irritation.

Instead of keeping up with irritated and dry skin, you can actually make moisturizers right from your home and natural in comparison to those expensive products. Aside from that, you can save a huge sum of money by using these organic moisturizers to hydrate the area under the eyes. About 30 minutes every day is needed in order to keep the skin moisturized naturally.

Almond Oil

This powerful oil can soften and smooth the skin. It is a good food source for the skin and it is an effective treatment to under eye dark circles. According to the website, Health Guidance, take a few small drops of almond oil and put them under the eyes. Using a delicate and gentle motion, massage it for about 15 minutes for this is a safe and perfectly natural treatment. The ideal time to apply almond oil would be before going to bed. If done regularly for about 2 weeks, results from the treatment will be noted.

Potato Slices

Slices of potatoes are an effective treatment technique for under eye dark circles. The Bharat Bhasha website says that this remedy may start by covering each of the eyelids using a thin potato slice for about 10 or 15 minutes and then closing the eyes. Aside from being relaxing, this can also help in improving circulation around the area of the eyes and provides a cooling and refreshing feeling.

Rose Water

If you want a rejuvenating and cooling effect on your skin, rose water can give you these. If it is to be applied on the eye area, it not only relaxes but it can be effective in getting rid of under eye dark circles. To do this, take a cotton ball and soak it on rose water. After doing so, apply it to every eye for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Reduce and Prevent

Aside from all the things that were mentioned earlier, there are several tips to reduce and prevent dark circles and these include hydrating by drinking sufficient amounts of fluid, avoiding smoking and consuming colas or caffeinated beverages because these are significant reasons why dark circles develop. Smoking has a tendency to dry the skin under and around the eyes and if you squint to stop the smoke from entering the eyes, this can promote wrinkle formation.

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